Adizes July Webinar:
 How to Rejuvenate an Aging Company
Date: July 16, 2015, 9:00 am PT
Speaker: Pavel Golenchenko, Certified Adizes Senior Associate
Time Duration: 45-60 Minutes

Aging companies are often suffering from a loss of “entrepreneurial edge.” Many times they can be rescued  through an action plan to bring them to Prime.

Attendees will learn how to rejuvenate a bureaucratized organization; how to avoid decisions that bring about side effects that are worse than the initial problem; how to create the desired entrepreneurial structure; and finally how some structures stifle creativity and the best way to ensure your organization obtains/maintains its entrepreneurial edge.

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About the Speaker

pavel1A certified Adizes Senior Associate, Pavel regularly presents advanced concepts on the Adizes Methodology to Executives and CEO’s around the world. He also delivers consulting services for Adizes’ clients globally, facilitating their organizational change program.

Pavel was formerly one of the primary trainers at the Adizes Academy of Management where he trained hundreds of university professors in the Adizes Methodology.

Past Events

 How to Manage in Times of Unpredictable Change

In this webinar conducted by Dr. Adizes, attendees learned how to manage challenges caused by a crisis in the marketplace.Watch this webinar and you will learn:

• Recommendations for how to manage during times of crisis and what companies must do in order to survive in these challenging times

• Methods to avoid the common mistakes companies make during times of crisis

• The importance of analyzing and changing your organization’s structure according to a changing environment

• How to deal with extremely rapid changes in business and create a sustainable internal culture

Adizes Corporate Lifecycle – How to Make the Transition from Entrepreneurship to Professional Management

In this on-demand webinar, Senior Adizes Associate Pavel Golenchenko discusses the Adizes Corporate Lifecycle.

Corporations, like living organisms, experience predictable patterns of behavior as they grow and develop. Not unlike living organisms, they are faced with transitional problems as they progress through the various stages of their lifecycle. The success or failure of any organization depends on its ability to meet the challenges presented by growth and change, and to make healthy transitions from one stage of development to the next. For a company to preserve its hard-won gains during the developmental stages, it must make the change from management-by-intuition and management-by-the-seat-of-the-pants (Go-Go management) to a more professional process. This should happen during what is termed the Adolescence stage in the Adizes Corporate Lifecycle.

How to Make the Transition from Entrepreneurship to Professional Management – Pavel Golenchenko – May 2015 from Adizes Institute on Vimeo.

Adizes Webinar:
How to Create a Culture of Mutual Trust and Respect Within an Organization

In this on-demand webinar, Shoham Adizes follows up on Dr. Adizes March 11 lecture on The Secret of Success.  If the secret of success is a robust culture of mutual trust and respect, a culture where everyone is united by their common interests and celebrate their diversity as it helps them make better decisions, then how do we build this culture within an organization? The idea of united we stand, divided we fall dates back to the bible.  This secret of success is nothing new.  However, the Adizes Methodology does provide a unique way of approaching this challenge; a holistic approach that varies significantly from standard management conventions.


How to Build a Culture of Mutual Trust and Respect – Shoham Adizes – April 2015 from Adizes Institute on Vimeo.

 Adizes On-Demand Webinar: The Secret of SuccesIn this on-demand event originally aired on March 11, 2015, Dr. Adizes discusses the formula of success for any individual, whether it be in your company, personal life or in your family. Dr. Adizes’ tested and proven formula is the ratio of external integration divided by internal DISintegration. Watch this webinar and hear Dr. Adizes as he explains what these concepts mean and answers the question of how this formula can consistently predict success.

Dr. Adizes’ Live Lecture on The Secret of Success – March 2015 from Adizes Institute on Vimeo.